Seriously, people need to know that it’s against Islamic teaching to renounce the religion after they convert themselves to become a Muslim.

Malaysia in particular, renouncing from Islam is harder than climbing the Mt. Everest. The controversial case of the late Mr. Moorthy is still fresh in mind; it’s uncertain whether he was buried for or against his wish in the end… and here comes a new case.

“A Malaysian hospital has ignited fresh religious controversy after it refused to hand over a dead man’s body to his widow because she planned to give her husband, a Muslim convert, a Christian burial…” [Source]

Updates Dec 7 - Malaysia’s Islamic authorities have dropped their claim over the body. [Source]

According to the widow the deceased has renounced Islam in 1999, but the Islamic religious officials were not notified and wanted to bury him as a Muslim. The widow and family have already filed a court case in order to claim the body.

Another controversial case, and whatever results it will be, certain group of Malaysians will be offended.

Islam is sometimes hail as high as constitutions in Malaysia… in last year Moorthy’s case, the High Court made it clear that they had no jurisdiction over such religious matters.

I am not saying that Islam is bad, it’s probably good in many ways; but for those that are thinking of converting to the religion, what I stress is to make sure that they understand the teachings and ready to be abide by the rules, because there will be no turning back.

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