I was back in Ipoh this weekend, had a chance to chat with some old buddies… one of them is teaching in a Chinese primary school in my hometown.

According to her the school is now accommodating over 3000 students, with 60+ students in every class… with is too crowdy in every sense.

I am not sure if the Sekolah Kebangsaan or Malay stream primary schools are having the same challenge as well… but I doubt so.

All these years the government has been racial biased in lots of aspect, by using the grand propaganda of bridging the economic gap. Fine enough if the government is doing everything they can to raise the Malay standard, but things become ugly when the government is trying to suppress the growth of Chinese as a tactic to close the gap.

With a few dozens (or even hundreds) of new schools included in the 9th Malaysia plan, it’s pity that the Chinese streams are allocated 2 new funding only.

All these years it’s very hard to get a new Chinese school, and the funds needed for expansion and development of old schools were contributed by the Chinese public instead of government lots of the time.

I don’t know what to say about this… honestly I am a bit regretful to start this blog; the more I write about Malaysia society development, the more I feel that Malaysia is not the place for me.

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