Malaysia government related Islamic finance group Takaful has issued an official statement on their website to apologize for the misunderstanding caused by an email sent that ‘advice’ Muslim employees not to greet Hindus Happy Deepavali.

The email was sent by Takaful’s religious department chief, Mohamed Fauzi Mustaffa. It took a while before the news was verified and spread to the public, with the government and public strongly critisizing the email for its narrow interpretation of Islam.

An apology from Takaful is very much expected, but I seriously wonder if Mr. Mohamed Fauzi has any intention to apologize.

Mind that the incident is not the fault of the entire Takaful corporation, in the end it’s the email author that should take responsibilty for his action, he is the one that should really apologize.

In fact if Mr. Mohamed Fauzi is working in a developed corporate environment, he should be fired or demoted. In Malaysia however, funny things happen, especially when it’s related to government corporations.

UPDATE - According to KTemoc, Mohamed did somehow ‘apologize’..

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