I was back in Ipoh this weekend, had a chance to chat with some old buddies… one of them is teaching in a Chinese primary school in my hometown.

According to her the school is now accommodating over 3000 students, with 60+ students in every class… with is too crowdy in every sense.

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Malaysia Chinese demonstrationLots of Malaysian Chinese like to complain about the unfairness in Malaysia government policies, but sometimes you can find the Chinese being guilty of racism and inconsiderate as well.

Example you can see from the pic (from merdekareview.com) that a group of people demonstrating against the Universities and University College Act; I am fine with students seeking more freedom of speech etc., but what’s up with the Chinese banner?

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Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said that the UMNO-led government has approved more than RM3 billion for Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) to double the number of students from 100,000 today to 200,000 by 2010.

The quality of graduates produced by local universities are being questioned these days. If the government are not striving to improve the quality of local universities, what’s the point of producing a larger bunch of incompetence graduates that’s going to become a burden in the work force?

Take not on how biased the statement is, the government are investing billions in a university that only Malays can study in.. what about the other local universities that’s meant for MALAYSIANS?

Education minister Hishammuddin Hussein is compiling a study on the effectiveness of English as the medium of language for the teaching of Mathematics and Science; the study would be completed by 2008.

That’s rubbish! Shouldn’t the education ministry be keeping a close eye on the effect on the system when it was first introduced a few years ago? And even if Hishammuddin started compiling the report now, why on earth does he need more than a year to give a conclusion?