Seriously, people need to know that it’s against Islamic teaching to renounce the religion after they convert themselves to become a Muslim.

Malaysia in particular, renouncing from Islam is harder than climbing the Mt. Everest. The controversial case of the late Mr. Moorthy is still fresh in mind; it’s uncertain whether he was buried for or against his wish in the end… and here comes a new case.

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Malaysia constitution exists for a few decades, and it’s ridiculous to think that a constitution from decades ago could meet the requirement these days.

When the constitution was made, personal computer was not invented, the word ‘internet’ probably was unheard of, and the sex-biased mentality was huge… things need to be modified occasionally to reflect the new global trend; and constitution can’t escape themselves from improvement.

Malaysia government did make some amendments on the old constitution, and is planning for another few. So in real fact constitution is not something that’s unchangeable for life.

If we Malaysians found that the constitution is not working to the best interest of all Malaysians, shouldn’t we have rights to raise our challenge? And why are so many government leaders denying every single Malaysian’s right to challenge unfair articles in the constitution?

The Malaysian New Economic Policy (NEP), followed by National Development Policy (NDP) has been implemented for 37 years. Is NEP the effective way to improve the economic competency for Malays in all these years?

What I’ve seen is that a minor group of Malays are getting super rich, while large portion of Malays are not benefiting from NEP at all. The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer.

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