It’s becoming a trend that UMNO leaders like to use race card to raise their own profile, and the trend become obvious during the UMNO assembly each year.

Come on, Malays are not under threat by other races in Malaysia. If they is a situation where Malaysians are under threat of racial issues, it’s non-Malays that should feel unsecured instead; non-Malays are the minorities after all, don’t overestimate their power.

It’s awkward that UMNO leaders are using all the race cards, acting to become the protector for special rights of Malays.

Fact is Malaysia has been implementing the race biased NEP for over 30 years, and according to government facts Malays are not improving much during these period… that probably shows that NEP is not working at all.

Else; the government should take full responsibility for failing to implement their NEP for over 30 years; the UMNO leaders fail in raising economic status of Malays, particularly Malays in the rural areas.

Isn’t it irony that some UMNO leaders are driving nice cars, staying in nice houses, but still crying out loud that they will protect Malays rights from OTHER RACES? I wonder where they got the money to buy those things; politicians are not very well paid in Malaysia.

It’s disgusting to see UMNO leaders demeaning other races to achieve their own political agenda, and guess what? Non-Malays could do nothing to stop Malay leaders raising racial remarks… it just showed that non-Malays have no power to threaten Malays at all.

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