Malaysia’s Islamic authorities have dropped their claim over the body of late Mr. Rayappan.

It’s a fast decision by the authorities this time, probably under heavy influence from government leaders to avoid any religious tensions between races, and to protect the tampering international image of Malaysia.

I certainly welcome the decision to allow Mr. Rayappan to be buried as a Christian, that’s probably what he wished before his death; but the decision actually left a big question on whether Muslims are allowed to renounce Islam after embracing the faith?

There’s a Malaysia case that caught international attention when Lina Joy seek to have her Muslim status removed from her ID card, stating that she already renounced the religion and declared herself as Christian instead. Malaysia Islamic groups had been heavily criticizing the case, and some aggressive Muslims even go to the extend of death threat for that lady.

Well if Lina Joy case was that fiery to handle, I wonder what some of the Islamic groups will response to Rayappan’s case. After all Rayappan did embrace Islam and then renounced it, which was against the Islamic teachings or Islamic rules. To make it worst he failed to notify the Islamic authorities that he had renounced the religion… but ironically his body was let go rather easily.

The decision leaves a big loophole. So anyone that choose to renounce Islam will not have to renounce it officially but to ask their family members to file a suit claiming that they are no longer Muslims when they die?

Malaysia are in a mist of confusion now when it comes to religion issues… as I always said, whatever decision the Islamic authorities make, it’s going to upset a large group of people regardless; it’s just a matter of which groups are being offended.

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