5,000 residents of Taman Alam Jaya in Cheras was shocked by RELA members carrying out a raid on illegal immigrants in the wee hours of Oct 14. According to the residents, the RELA appeared menacing and forced their way into homes. [NST]

What really suprised me was the comment from a RELA spokesman, saying that they were empowered to forcibly enter the premises of dwellings if the calls by the officers were unheeded.

Since when did RELA, a volunteer corps unit have such power or authority to force their way into homes without solid proof that there’s crime involved?

I doubt that the real police force are having the rights to entry any houses without a warrant or solid proof that there’s crime involved, and RELA shouldn’t have more authority than police force.

The misused of authority should not be taken lightly, the public have had enough of real crimes, the last thing we need is to see government authorities converting crime themselves.

And in case that the RELA spokesman is right, that they do have the power to force themselves into innocent homes, I guess I will have to start consider migrating.

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