In an interview with Bangkok Post [Bernama] Malaysia Prime Minister again came into defence of his son Kamaluddin and son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

When you are a country political leader and your son involved in business and won contracts from government owned company… you can’t blame everyone to question about nepotism involved.

Yes Kamaluddin does have his right to do business, but why must he involved in anything that is directly government related? There’s a clear conflict of interest in between his father and himself.

It’s like a soccer game… the father is the referee and the son a player in one of the team. Sure there is a chance that both the father and son will play the game fair and square, but you can’t blame people crying foul if situations are not handled properly. In soccer game the conflict of interest is not allowed to happen, same rules should be apply for government.

Every time I write about Khairy Jamaluddin I feel ridiculous… what company on earth will loan a person some money so that the person can buy shares in the company? It’s certainly unlikely unless you are the son-in-law of our dear PM.

Those shares are not supposed to be Khairy’s at the first place, and no one will pity him when he sold his shares at lost.

What Pak Lah should do is to tell his son not to involve in any government related business, and to tell Khairy to start a business properly. No one will question their capability if they created some business like Dell or McD, or even nasi kandar Kayu… as long as it certainly didn’t involve the power or fame of Pak Lah.

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