An article from Michael Backman that was published on The Age newspaper, Australia on November 15 has sparked debates among Malaysia netizens.

The article titled “While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry” was ended with the controversial phrase… “That’s not Malaysia “boleh”, that’s Malaysia “bodoh” (stupid).”

The article are not 100% correct in facts, but the main points from Backman are very well noted; that Malaysia government are wasting money on useless projects and that Malaysians should not fight against each other but to work together in building the country instead.

Fact is however, things are normally easier said than done.

It’s ironic when it comes to Malaysia’s New Economic Policy (NEP), both Malays are non-Malays are not happy about it, but for various reasons. Malays are thinking that they have not gain enough from the racial biased economic plan, while others felt that Malays are taking too much.

Backman suggested that Malaysians should forget about the difference and work together, but how are Malaysians supposed to work together when there is such a huge racial-economic barrier in between?

Perhaps Backman is right, Malaysia is indeed stupid.

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