Malaysia Chinese demonstrationLots of Malaysian Chinese like to complain about the unfairness in Malaysia government policies, but sometimes you can find the Chinese being guilty of racism and inconsiderate as well.

Example you can see from the pic (from that a group of people demonstrating against the Universities and University College Act; I am fine with students seeking more freedom of speech etc., but what’s up with the Chinese banner?

Malaysia is a multiracial country; it’s annoying to see something goes public without understanding it. It’s certainly insulting when you raise a Chinese banner when demonstrating in public, as other races won’t understand a shit the people are shouting about.

Also issue like University Act is a national issue, not just Chinese’s problems. Why can’t the people make it an all-races involvement instead of using single racial action?

Chinese can always blame government for the racial biased policies, which is true; but sometimes Malaysian Chinese are as guilty for not taking initiative to blend in with the nation as a true Malaysian.

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