The migration of Malaysian professionals to other countries is a worrying situation that should be taken seriously by Malaysia government. It’s irony that Malaysia is working hard to attract foreign expats while failing to keep our own local specialists.

For the past decade I’ve seen friends and relatives moving oversea every year for various reasons; the idea of migration has been mingling in my mind occasionally as well.

The political situation in Malaysia has been a large contributing factor for professional exodus. Even though the nation seems to be leaving in peace, but lots of people do have the fear for another racial confrontation, which could happen anytime if the right ‘fuel’ is added.

MP Lim Kit Siang wrote a good article about exodus of Malaysian professionals from all races, and that Malaysia leading political party, UMNO could be partly blamed for causing the situation.

While the situation of Chinese migrating oversea has been quite common, the current trend involves large portion of Malays as well. The aggression and corruption in government and UMNO has cornered large group of Malays that don’t share political interest.

It’s a known fact that non-Malays are not given equal fairness in government projects, but the situation is changing to that Malays that are not related to government or UMNO are not getting fair treatment in economic development as well as other issues.

Other factors include incompetence of Malaysia education system, which is stepping on the same stone since 1980s. I have a relative that migrated to Australia solely for the purpose of providing his kids (my cousins) better education environment.

The rising crime rate is also worrying in Malaysia for the past few years. To be fair Malaysia is still one of the safest countries among nations that share similar (or better) economical power, but if it’s not handled well Malaysia could turn into a crime heaven; that will be a different story then.

Take note that foreign countries especially those that are well developed like US and Australia are picky when it comes to Malaysian migrates; they are not fond of labor forces from our country, but do welcome professionals in various field.

Most of the Malaysians that are leaving Malaysia are the most educated group of people that can play a great role for Malaysia future. Losing these people for various amendable reasons is a huge loss for Malaysia definitely.

Things need to be done about this, ASAP.

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