A recent report shows that Chinese newspapers are the highest circulated papers on daily average in Malaysia.

Chinese-language newspapers had the highest circulation with 999,678 copies, English-language newspapers with 679,015 copies while Bahasa Malaysia newspapers with 666,724 copies.

It’s general fact that Malaysian Chinese are better in education to other fellow Malaysians; it’s not that Chinese are more brilliant, it’s the culture of reading that makes the different.

The circulation of newspapers is a simple example, Chinese newspapers had 50% extra circulation over BM newspapers despite with 1/3 of Malay populations.

I am not trying to show off here; Malays need to work hard to close the economical gap between races, and reading and learning play a great part in doing so.

The effort from government alone is never going to achieve equal economical power without the help of the people.

Malaysian Chinese are not greedy, we are just doing what we are doing for the past few decades, that’s to work hard doing our job or business; if Malays want to catch up, they need to work as hard, if not extra hard.

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