Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir is satisfied with his 2 hour meeting with his successor, Abdullah Badawi.

Dr M stated that he’s satisfied that he could bring his messages directly to Badawi, but not entirely happy as his questions are not yet answered. Badawi was just a listener for most of the time during the close door one-on-one meeting.

Dr M also mentioned that he will continue to critisize Badawi and the government if he find faults in their administration.

While the government and some of the public were unhappy to see the critisizm from Dr M that’s said to be spoiling Malaysia image, some were happy that the former PM was bold enough to critisize the government for their wrong doings.

The opposition parties must be delighted to see Badawi and government being bombarded, while some of the public could be happy just to see that there’s someone watching over the government other than the rather weak opposition parties.

I personally felt ok with what Mahathir were critisizing, he got his point. It’s not hard for Badawi to shut Mahathir’s mouth by answering his critisizm, but seems like Badawi are not having all the answers for Mahathir’s questions.

I am not totally against Badawi, I think he did fair enough during his reign as the PM so far. However I think Pak Lah failed miserably when it comes to tackling corruptions, which he vowed so much at the beginning of Prime Minister journey.. I actually felt that the government are more corrupted under Badawi’s reign.

I sure hope that Dr M will not need to critisize Badawi and government in the future, but that can only be achieved if Badawi and his government are doing things right and proper, which I hope they do.

At the moment, Selamat Hari Raya, and lets share a moment of peace.

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