Weekend Mail becomes the 4th newspaper to be suspended by Malaysia government in 2006, under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1987 (PPPA).

The government has earlier suspended Berita Petang, Guang Ming Daily and Sarawak Tribune for publishing offensive issues.

The reason Weekend Mail is suspended was their November 4-5 publication that featured sex related contents that’s deemed as improper by the government.

I haven’t seen the paper so I can’t comment on whether it’s over the line; but I strongly felt that the government is over-acting. It’s not like the paper is causing public disturbance or raising racial or religious sensitive issues, they are just reporting about sex.

The survival of the newspaper should be determined by the public, not just by the government.

What is the ground basis for the government to suspend a paper? The government can’t just do it because they want to.. that’s showing how press freedom is being suppressed in Malaysia, and that’s not good for the nation image, and definitely not pleasing the public.

Leave this to the public to decide, we are not stupid and naive and need the government to serve as big brother in this kind of issues.

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