The Malaysian New Economic Policy (NEP), followed by National Development Policy (NDP) has been implemented for 37 years. Is NEP the effective way to improve the economic competency for Malays in all these years?

What I’ve seen is that a minor group of Malays are getting super rich, while large portion of Malays are not benefiting from NEP at all. The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer.

Protective government policies are not the best way to bring prosperous growth for a nation or race. A good example is the achievement of Malaysian Chinese despite the unfairness in socio-economic policies that went against them, they continue to prosper and still playing the major role in Malaysia economic environment.

Ask any senior adults that have seen everything from 1960s till today, most of them will tell that the Malays nowadays are not getting much better than in the 60s in terms of education, culture and economic growth.

Slight improvement? Maybe. Significant improvement? 100% nope.

The most unfortunate group during the NEP period is the Indians. While the Chinese continue to grow, and the Malays protected by the NEP, the Indians are being marginalized in Malaysia.

Lots of Malaysia Indians family are still staying in rural areas and plantations, and their living environment are unbearable. A family of 6-7 could be living on a monthly income of merely RM300, that’s more pathetic than pathetic.

It’s time for government to review NEP. It’s good to have economic policies to take care for the poor, but it’s ridiculous to have a policy that protects a certain race while neglecting those that really needing the help.

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