Brendan Pereira will end his term of service as group editor of the New Straits Times (NST) on Dec 31.

The announcement of resignation came at a bad time, just when the blogosphere is looming with accusations that Pereira was plagiarising an article from Mitch Albom.

I have read both the article from Pereira and Albom, it will be harsh to accuse Pereira for plagiarism; but he definitely touches the borderline of plagiarism.

I will leave the plagiarism judgement aside, what interested me is that just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking that NST was getting gutsy these days. NST reporting was bold in attacking the misconduct of government personals, something that other mainstream newspapers were not doing.

A couple of weeks after my initial thought.. I see the resignation of the group editor from NST. If you ask me I will say that he’s under pressure from the government or powerful politicians instead of pressure from Malaysian bloggers.

My friend even suggested the racial-political agenda behind the resignation, stating that the government would like to see a Malay group editor in NST instead of non-Malay. There’s no proof to it, but I certainly can’t deny this possibility, NST is after all closely connected to the government, and it’s irony that the editors dare to attack their ‘boss’ openly.

Some Malaysia bloggers are happily claiming victory for exposing Pereira’s ‘plagiarism and forced his resignation, but did they ever thought that Pereira will give up his position without a fight against the accusations?

Malaysia bloggers don’t have the kind of influence that they think they have, not yet.

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