Malaysia taxi drivers have been under headlines recently for all the wrong reasons; I had criticized some of them for embarrassing the nation too.

But as always, there are good and bad people in every business, and my friend was lucky to meet a good one… she left her phone on the taxi, and the taxi driver send it back to her after receiving a call from her.

Ok it’s just a decent did, but it shows that they are good and honest taxi drivers in Malaysia too.

Sarawak timber tycoon Lau Swee Nguong has offered to buy media baron Tiong Hiew King’s entire stake in Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd and distribute it to the Chinese community. [Sun2surf]

Tiong created chaos in Chinese community when his newspaper company Ezywood Option Sdn. Bhd. took control of Nanyang in October 17, buying the stakes from MCA owned Huaran Holdings. The community feared that Tiong, who also own Sinchew, is going to monopoly Malaysia Chinese newspaper industry.

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The migration of Malaysian professionals to other countries is a worrying situation that should be taken seriously by Malaysia government. It’s irony that Malaysia is working hard to attract foreign expats while failing to keep our own local specialists.

For the past decade I’ve seen friends and relatives moving oversea every year for various reasons; the idea of migration has been mingling in my mind occasionally as well.

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Kampung Berembang house destroyedWhile the illegal palace of corrupted assemblyman is allowed to stand, hundreds of residents at Kampung Berembang are homeless, with their houses tear down by local authorities.

It’s irony that the UMNO General Assembly has just passed for a week with leaders vowing to protect the poor Malays, and now a large group of people are living under canvas tent because on some irrational government actions.

Ok, those houses might be illegal; but those people have been staying there for decades, shouldn’t the government at least have the courtesy to provide them with proper moving plans before tearing down their houses.

The whole situation is made uglier with the government double standards, where the rich are protected, and the poor being abused.


An article from Michael Backman that was published on The Age newspaper, Australia on November 15 has sparked debates among Malaysia netizens.

The article titled “While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry” was ended with the controversial phrase… “That’s not Malaysia “boleh”, that’s Malaysia “bodoh” (stupid).”

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Malaysia constitution exists for a few decades, and it’s ridiculous to think that a constitution from decades ago could meet the requirement these days.

When the constitution was made, personal computer was not invented, the word ‘internet’ probably was unheard of, and the sex-biased mentality was huge… things need to be modified occasionally to reflect the new global trend; and constitution can’t escape themselves from improvement.

Malaysia government did make some amendments on the old constitution, and is planning for another few. So in real fact constitution is not something that’s unchangeable for life.

If we Malaysians found that the constitution is not working to the best interest of all Malaysians, shouldn’t we have rights to raise our challenge? And why are so many government leaders denying every single Malaysian’s right to challenge unfair articles in the constitution?

Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said that the UMNO-led government has approved more than RM3 billion for Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) to double the number of students from 100,000 today to 200,000 by 2010.

The quality of graduates produced by local universities are being questioned these days. If the government are not striving to improve the quality of local universities, what’s the point of producing a larger bunch of incompetence graduates that’s going to become a burden in the work force?

Take not on how biased the statement is, the government are investing billions in a university that only Malays can study in.. what about the other local universities that’s meant for MALAYSIANS?

Amazing Race Asia premiere last Thursday (Nov 9) and I’m pretty proud that the producers chose Kuala Lumpur as their starting spot.

There is an unexpected scene that makes me blush though.. 2 out of 10 teams are being ripped off by KL taxi drivers, in front of video camera!

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