UMNO Klang division is using racist issue for backing Zakaria Md Deros as the Klang division chief and state assemblyman for Port Klang; and urging the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Selangor Menteri Besar to retain Zakaria as a municipal councillor.

Their reasons are to defend the pride of Malays and to defend their special interest. The Klang UMNO also slammed opposition parties for trying to flame the issue and influence Sultan of Selangor for his decision to ask for Zakaria’s resignation. [source]

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Both Sultan of Selangor and the Menteri Besar have issued ultimatum for Zakaria Md Deros to resign as the Klang Municipal Council councilor, following his corruption.

My question is why do the government need to wait for a voluntarily resignation? Can’t the government show more determination to fire a corrupted councilor?

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Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir suprisingly open fire again on his successor, Abdullah Badawi, just a day after their satisfied meeting.

Mahathir this time digged some old story on Badawi’s integrity when Badawi suspiciously helped a relative’s company to obtain contracts in the UN’s oil-for-food programme in Iraq when he was still Deputy Prime Minister.

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5,000 residents of Taman Alam Jaya in Cheras was shocked by RELA members carrying out a raid on illegal immigrants in the wee hours of Oct 14. According to the residents, the RELA appeared menacing and forced their way into homes. [NST]

What really suprised me was the comment from a RELA spokesman, saying that they were empowered to forcibly enter the premises of dwellings if the calls by the officers were unheeded.

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Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir is satisfied with his 2 hour meeting with his successor, Abdullah Badawi.

Dr M stated that he’s satisfied that he could bring his messages directly to Badawi, but not entirely happy as his questions are not yet answered. Badawi was just a listener for most of the time during the close door one-on-one meeting.

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According to NST, Port Klang assemblyman Zakaria Mat Deros is likely to get off with only the RM24,000 fine imposed on him on Friday for building his mansion without planning permission.

RM24,000 sounds like peanuts punishment for a government reps that has broken the law on purpose, and that according to Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo is the highest possible punishment possible.

Guess what, next time I am going to build the ugliest building next to the idiotic assemblyman house.. I don’t need a permit to build anything stupid, all I need is just RM24,000.

Btw, no parties are bothered to explain how Zakaria bought the piece of land for only RM180,000, when the market value should be RM1,300,000.

Tan Chui Mui, a 28-year-old Malaysian director bags major award at Pusan International Film Festival. The Chinese director won the international movie critics’ award and shared the prize for best new Asian filmmaker.

It’s a proud achievement for Malaysian film makers, and it comes especially meaningful for Malaysia Chinese film that’s often neglected by Malaysia government when it comes to funding and recognition.

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Malaysia FIFA ranking continues to plunge, according to the latest FIFA ranking Malaysia is on 153th spot from 198 nations.

I bet the politicians will start yelling about the drops and call for the Football Association Malaysia (FAM) to undergo a revamp.

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