I started this blog a couple of months ago to give constructive ideas and recommendations in various aspect, to raise social awareness and to give real contributions in making Malaysia a better place other than just complaining and whining.

However I found that it’s hard to accomplish the mission. In fact the more I wrote about Malaysia social and politics, the more I felt that Malaysia is not really a good place to stay; and I found myself getting a bit depress of the current Malaysia state.

Thus, I have decided to end the short lifespan for this blog. Hope that Malaysia will get better without my tiny effort, and thanks to all that have been reading this blog all this while.

Happy 2007.

I was back in Ipoh this weekend, had a chance to chat with some old buddies… one of them is teaching in a Chinese primary school in my hometown.

According to her the school is now accommodating over 3000 students, with 60+ students in every class… with is too crowdy in every sense.

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A recent report shows that Chinese newspapers are the highest circulated papers on daily average in Malaysia.

Chinese-language newspapers had the highest circulation with 999,678 copies, English-language newspapers with 679,015 copies while Bahasa Malaysia newspapers with 666,724 copies.

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In an interview with Bangkok Post [Bernama] Malaysia Prime Minister again came into defence of his son Kamaluddin and son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

When you are a country political leader and your son involved in business and won contracts from government owned company… you can’t blame everyone to question about nepotism involved.

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Malaysia Chinese demonstrationLots of Malaysian Chinese like to complain about the unfairness in Malaysia government policies, but sometimes you can find the Chinese being guilty of racism and inconsiderate as well.

Example you can see from the pic (from merdekareview.com) that a group of people demonstrating against the Universities and University College Act; I am fine with students seeking more freedom of speech etc., but what’s up with the Chinese banner?

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Malaysia’s Islamic authorities have dropped their claim over the body of late Mr. Rayappan.

It’s a fast decision by the authorities this time, probably under heavy influence from government leaders to avoid any religious tensions between races, and to protect the tampering international image of Malaysia.

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Seriously, people need to know that it’s against Islamic teaching to renounce the religion after they convert themselves to become a Muslim.

Malaysia in particular, renouncing from Islam is harder than climbing the Mt. Everest. The controversial case of the late Mr. Moorthy is still fresh in mind; it’s uncertain whether he was buried for or against his wish in the end… and here comes a new case.

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Malaysia may introduce tough Internet laws to control bloggers and prevent them from spreading “disharmony, chaos, seditious material and lies” on their websites. [Yahoo]

We knew it’s coming didn’t we? True there are sometimes lies and defamations online, but censoring the net, or bloggers in this sense, is never a good idea.

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